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The information below is only for the homes in Green Valley Ranch that are SOUTH of GVR Blvd (48th Ave).
** For homes north of GVR Parkway, contact MSI, Inc at 303-420-4433 or by clicking here.

If you are unsure if the property is a part of the south side of GVR, click here for a comprehensive list of the addresses. If the address is not included on this list, please contact MSI.

Status Letters:
Status letters can be requested by sending an e-mail to or faxing the request to 303-307-3250.

     Fees Due at Closing:
          Status Letter Fee: $100.00
          Transfer Fee: $150.00
          Rush (Letter needed in 24-hours or less): $50.00

*Disclosure documents can be found below. 

Assessment Letter: Click here for a letter giving the information regarding assessments

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much are assessments? As of January 1, 2011, the assessments are being collected through the homeowner's property taxes on the line item ‘GVR Metropolitan District’.  The assessments are based on an annual budget. On the tax statements, 2.426 mills of the GVR Metropolitan District tax is collected on behalf of the Association, which equates to roughly $19 for every $100,000 value of a home. (If a home is valued at $150,000, the Assessment would be $28.50).

2. What is the Association's relationship with the GVR Metropolitan District? In 2007, the homeowners in GVR passed measure 5A, which gave the GVR Metropolitan District the legal authority to provide services for the HOA and to collect taxes on their behalf. The Association is still here, and is governed by a Board of Directors as it has since its inception. In effect, the GVR Metropolitan District operates as the management company for the Association.

3. What does the Assessment pay for? The Association is responsible for covenant enforcement and architectural control.

4. Is there a sub association? Please call our office at 303-307-3240 with the specific address to find out if there is a sub association for the property in question.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

To help mortgage companies be in compliance with the requirements set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the required information for the loan estimate for the Association is below:

Item H- Other

  1. Monthly assessments- Assessments are collected through property taxes so this does not apply
  2. Unpaid assessments/responsible- There may be a balance on individual accounts. Contact 303-307-3240 or for information regarding specific addresses
  3. Special assessments- n/a
  4. Fee charged to lender for questionnaire
  5. Prepaid assessments due at closing- n/a
  6. Transfer fee- $150
  7. Inspection fees- n/a
  8. Move-in fees- n/a
  9. Administrative fees- $100 status letter fee
  10. Other fees due at closing- There may be other fines/fees depending on the house. Contact 303-307-3240 or for information regarding specific addresses


Disclosure Documents

Master Declaration
Rules & Regulations
Current Operating Budget
Financial documents







Current GVR HOA News

Board Meeting:
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 16, 2019 at 6:15 pmThis meeting will be at the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center 
(Meeting dates subject to change.  Please check back often,)

Association Calendar

Click HERE for the current calendar
*All meetings take place at 18650 E. 45th Ave., unless otherwise noted. 

HOA Contact Information:
Office hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Phone:             303-307-3240
Fax:                 303-307-3250
Address:          18650 E. 45th Ave
                        Denver, CO 80249

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