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Green Valley Ranch Homeowners Association Governing Documents and Policies

The governing documents of the Association describe the Board of Directors' and each Owner's duties and responsibilities. The Master Declaration and Supplemental Declarations establish covenants and conditions upon each property Owner; the Articles of Incorporation establish the Association as a Not-for-Profit Corporation; the Bylaws instruct the Board on the administration of the Association; and the Regulations and Site Restrictions provide detailed regulations on property use and maintenance.

Governing Documents
Master Declaration
Articles of Incorporation
Rules & Regulations
Residential Improvement Guidelines & Site Restrictions (The Green Book)- Revised July 2018
Policies & Resolutions:

Adoption of Rules Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Alternative Dispute Resolution Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Association Records Request Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Business Meeting Conduct Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Compliment Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Conflict of Interest Policy - Updated November 21, 2016 
Delinquency Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
District Delegate Representation and Election Policy - Updated November 21. 2016
E-mail Distribution List Policy - Updated November 21, 2016 
Event Budget & Expense Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Excused Absence Policy  - Updated November 21, 2016
Expenditure Approval Authorization Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Fine and Fee Waiving Policy - Updated November 21, 2016 
Petty Cash Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Reserve Fund Investment Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Resource List Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Returned Mail Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Rules Enforcement Policy - Updated June 18, 2018
Status Letter Policy - Updated November 21, 2016
Travel Expenses Reimbursement Policy - Updated November 21, 2016

Fine Schedule - Updated June 18, 2018


Current GVR HOA News

Board Meeting:
The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 16, 2019 at 6:15 pmThis meeting will be at the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center 
(Meeting dates subject to change.  Please check back often,)

Association Calendar

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*All meetings take place at 18650 E. 45th Ave., unless otherwise noted. 

HOA Contact Information:
Office hours: 7:30am - 5:30pm

Phone:             303-307-3240
Fax:                 303-307-3250
Address:          18650 E. 45th Ave
                        Denver, CO 80249

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